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Clayton Cook P.E. | Engineer, Programmer, and Musician

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Traditional Irish Melodies Workshop March 24th, 2024 Resources

March 27, 2024

Traditional Irish Melodies workshop at the Louisville Folk School. Talked about the banjo in irish music, fathers of the irish banjo and taught some irish tunes. Within the blog post are some reference audio files as well.

Irish Music Fiddle Banjo

The Observer Pattern and Reactive Programming

June 22, 2023

In order to better under stand the observer pattern and reactive programming I wanted to write a observer in javascript and explorer some common features in vanilla RxJS project with WebPack.

Observer Pattern Reactive Programming JavaScript

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Rescaling Video Files with FFmpeg to Maximizing an Older iPod

May 30, 2023

My daughter was give an older iPod touch fourth-generation with 6.4 Gb of storage. In an effort to maximize the amount of videos that I could fit on the device I turned to using FFmpeg to reduce the mp4 video files down to a resolution that was watchable on the iPod. I found that I could get roughly 7.31 hrs of video per 1 GB.


Using Interfaces to Ensure Behavior

Febuary 23, 2023

Interfaces ensure that a class behaves in a certain way and expresses polymorphism between different classes. We will look at how to implement interfaces in C#, Python, and Typescript.

Interface Protocol C# Python Typescript


Introduction of Database Design and Entity Framework Core 2.2.1

February 16, 2023

An overview of general database design principles, how to use Entity Framework Core and connect up to a local SQLite database.

.NET C# Database


Combining MP3 Files with Python and FFmpeg

February 13, 2023

A short python script to easily add together mp3 files.

Python FFmpeg


Shared Custom Angular Form Validation Through A Service

November 1, 2022

Setting up shared custom model validation through an angular service.

Programming Angular Testing

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Setting Up A Python Project

October 24, 2022

Quick reference for command line commands I use for setting up a python project.

Programming Python

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